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jl mag rare-earth industry price briefing 03-11~03-15

week 11, 2019

1.重要新闻简报briefing of important news

本周稀土市场行情,镨钕价格继续小幅下跌,镝铁和铽价格继续保持上涨趋势。 亚洲金属网价格: 镨钕金属价格367-372元/kg (上海有色,370-375元/kg),镝铁合金价格1320-1340元/kg (上海有色,1330-1380元/kg),金属铽价格3860-3910元/kg (上海有色,3950-4000元/kg)。

this week, price of prnd fell slightly while dyfe and tb price continued their rising trend. price from asian metal at this weekend presented: prnd metal 367-372rmb/kg (price from smm: 370-375 rmb/kg), dyfe alloy 1320-1340rmb/kg (price from smm: 1330-1380rmb/kg), and tb metal 3860-3910rmb/kg (price from smm: 3950-4000rmb/kg).


daily news from uk quoted a report from lynas australia headquarter that the company had difficulties clearing its waste stockpiles by september 02nd. the company's license will also expire and to be renewed on september 02nd. from the current evidence, the lynas malaysian plant will have to face the problem of disposing of the remaining waste after the change, but according to the information available, lynas seems to be unable to do anything about it. according to worst-case scenario, if malaysia's factories shut down in september, lynas will have mines to be mined but no place to be separated. although foreign countries such as india have certain separation capacity, foreign rare earth products will inevitably be in short supply, thus the domestic rare earth sources and the pattern of rare earth products will change. (rare earth online)

2. 业内人士分析analysis of professional insiders


on march 15th, the official website of the ministry of industry and information technology issued the "notice of the ministry of natural resources & the ministry of industry and information technology on the first batch of total control plan for rare earth mining, smelting and separation in 2019". rare earth is a product strictly controlled by the state in the total amount of mining, smelting and separation. no company or individual may produce without planning or beyond planning. the first batch of total control plan for rare earth mining, smelting and separation in 2019 was issued according to 50% of the 2018 index, 60,000 tons and 57,500 tons respectively. the second batch plan will be issued by the end of june 2019, taking market demand and the implementation of each group into account.

海关数据显示, 2019年1月混合碳酸稀土进口量是1480吨,其中缅甸进口量是963吨,相比2018年12月小幅下降。自从2018年11月腾冲海关开始实施进口限制措施以来,相比2018年前十个月每月平均进口量2395吨减少近一半以上,进口数量下降趋势明显。2018年从缅甸进口的离子型稀土矿约2.6万吨(核算稀土氧化物在2.3万吨,其中镝含量在850吨,铽含量在130吨),占国内中重稀土矿消费量的比例接近50%。预计2019年从缅甸进口的离子型稀土矿的下降或将减少一半。

customs data show that the import volume of mixed rare earth carbonate in january 2019 was 1480 tons, of which the import volume of myanmar was 963 tons, a slight decrease compared with december 2018. since tengchong customs began to implement import restriction measures in november 2018, the import volume has been reduced by more than half compared with the average monthly volume of 2395 tons in the first ten months of 2018, and the decline trend of import volume is obvious. in 2018, about 26,000 tons of ionic rare earth ore were imported from myanmar (accounting for 23,000 tons of rare earth oxides, including 850 tons of dy and 130 tons of tb), accounting for nearly 50% of the domestic consumption of heavy rare earth ores. it is expected that the decrease in imports of ionic rare earth ores from myanmar will be halved in 2019.



industry insiders know that the import period of myanmar's mines is only about two months, while the mining cost of ionic rare earth mines in the south of china is still high. even if the domestic price of heavy rare earth keeps rising, it is not enough to support businesses to carry out domestic mining. it is expected that the domestic mining volume of heavy rare earth will not improve significantly in the short term. the main source is still myanmar's mines, so the news of the stringent censorship from tengchong customs has a big impact on the mentality of domestic heavy rare earth enterprises and businessmen, and the bullish mood is rising in the short term.


despite the slow growth from demand side which has a slight restraint on the rising speed of dy and tb product prices, the contraction of supply side and the consumption of downstream stocks are expected to leave room of growth for dy and tb in the future market, and the momentum for increase is still strong until the news of myanmar's mining imports is confirmed in may. (baichuan info)


listing price of march from china northern rare earth



listing price on march 11 from china southern rare earth


unit: 10,000rmb/ton (exw price incl. vat)


3. 趋势图(参考亚洲金属网)tendency chart (refer to asian metal)


march 15th, 2019


notes: the information above is for reference only!