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about rare earth resources

rare earth element is the general name of seventeen chemical elements in the periodic table, including the fifteen lanthanides: lanthanum (la), cerium (ce), praseodymium (pr), neodymium (nd), promethium (pm), samarium (sm), europium (eu), gadolinium (gd), terbium (tb), dysprosium (dy), holmium (ho), erbium (er), thulium (tm), ytterbium (yb), lutetium (lu), as well as scandium (sc) and yttrium (y). according to their atomic weights, physical and chemical properties, they are divided into light and heavy rare earth elements, the first 5 elements are light rare earths  and the rest are heavy ones.

china has rather rich rare earth resources which accounts for about 23% of the world's total reserves. the rare earth of china has the following features: resources occurrence distribution presents “north light and south heavy”, light re ore is mainly distributed in baotou, inner mongolia and liangshan, sichuan province while ionic medium and heavy re are mainly distributed in ganzhou, jiangxi province and other southern areas.

china south re group

heavy rare earth

ganzhou rare earth group co., ltd. is one of the sponsor shareholders of china rare earth group co., ltd. and owns almost all the mining rights of rare earth minerals in jiangxi. it has rich operation and management experience in rare earth mining, separation, collection and storage. through the equity cooperation with ganzhou rare earth group, jl mag has obtained the guarantee of china heavy rare earth resources. the ministry of land and resources announced 67 rare earth mining licenses nationwide, and ganzhou rare earth group has 44.

light rare earth

china rare earth group co., ltd. and china northern rare earth (group) high tech co., ltd. have all the light rare earth mining rights in china. jl mag has established a strategic cooperation relationship with them and signed a long-term supply agreement, which can ensure the stable supply of light rare earths.