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jlmag was included in ftse russell index

on august 24, 2019, ftse russell, a well-known index compiling company, announced the quarterly adjustment results of its flagship index in september 2019. the adjustment will take effect on september 23. this quarterly adjustment raised the inclusion factor of chinese a shares from 5% to 15% as scheduled, and jl mag was included in its flagship index for the first time, marking that jl mag will receive further recognition and attention from international investors in the future.

the ftse russell international index is a stock index dedicated to tracking global emerging market indicators under the british ftse index company. it contains more than 8,000 securities in 46 countries, accounting for 99% of the total market capitalization of globally investable securities. the index products have now attracted a global over 1.5 trillion-dollar funding. of the passive funds that track global and global emerging market indexes, 40% are based on the ftse russell index.